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Dublin Travel Guide: Best Places To Stay, Eat And See (For 2023)

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Situated on a wide bay between Howth and the Dalkey headland, Dublin is a city renowned for its cultural heritage and delightful friendliness. Its name derives from the Irish words dubhlinn, which means “dark, black,” and lind, which means “pool,” alluding to a dark tidal pool.

This tidal pool was located behind Dublin Castle within the castle grounds, around the point at which the River Poddle entered the Liffey.

Archaeological evidence suggests that Dublin originated as a Gaelic community during or before the seventh century AD, followed by a Viking settlement. The city expanded along with the little Kingdom of Dublin, and during the Norman conquest, it became the dominant settlement in Ireland.

Beginning in the 17th century, the city grew rapidly and briefly held the title of the second-largest city in the British Empire following the 1800 Acts of Union. Dublin became the capital of the Irish Free State, which was subsequently renamed Ireland when Ireland gained independence in 1922.

Dublin is now Ireland’s educational capital, as well as the country’s historic center for arts and culture, government, and industry.

This city boasts enough art, culture, and landmarks to cover several tourist itineraries. It can be challenging to organize a vacation that includes all of Dublin’s finest attractions, but it is possible.

This Dublin travel guide will arm you with the knowledge necessary to make the most of your vacation to the Irish city.

Dublin Travel Guide (For 2023)

Best Time To Visit Dublin

St. Patrick's Day Ireland

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Despite the rain,Dublin remains a year-round holiday destination thanks to its pleasant and temperate environment.

During June through August, Dublin is at its busiest. Accommodations will be scarce because it is peak season.  St. Patrick’s Day in March is a fun time to be in Dublin, as it fills up with locals and tourists eager to celebrate.

It’s also a great time to visit Dublin for the Samhain (Halloween) events. This time of year, the weather is pleasant, and Ireland remains as lovely as it has always been.

Overall, the off-seasons are the best times to visit (MarchMay and SeptemberOctober). The city is less congested, and the prices are less expensive. The weather conditions are great for exploration.

How To Get Around Dublin

grafton street dublin

Walking is the most effective way to travel about Dublin’s center. Despite its small size, Dublin’s public transportation system is quite efficient. Between Dublin’s bus and train networks, you’ll have plenty of options.

Do you want to know more about navigating Dublin during your visit to the Irish capital? The following guide will help you get around Dublin and make the most of your visit.

● Airlink Express bus (if traveling from the airport to Dublin city center. Here are other transfer options.)
● Bus
● Light rail system
● DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) for travel to the suburbs.
● Taxi
● Ridesharing
● Bike
● Car rental

Where To Stay


The city of Dublin offers a wide variety of accommodations. Choosing a plane to stay on, on the other hand, depends solely on your vacation goals. Are you in need of some time to unwind and unwind?

You may want to be close to the city’s bars and other points of interest. Or is there a particular neighborhood you’d like to be close to?

To help you plan your trip, check out this Dublin travel guide for some fantastic choices for the best places to stay in Dublin.

Abbey Court Hostel

Abbey court hostel ireland

If you’re looking for a completely packaged hotel that will fit your budget, Abbey Court Hostel is a good choice. This budget hostel is perfect for every backpacker who wants to keep the bustling Dublin nightlife closer.

Located just right off O’Connell Bridge, Abbey Court Hostel features modern rooms with all-you-can-eat breakfast. Its bunk beds come with a free locker each. The hotel also offers a free guided walking tour for first-time visitors in Dublin.

For the latest rate, click here.

Kinlay House Dublin

kinlay house dublin Ireland

A lot of backpackers prefer Kinlay House Dublin because of its location. Situated in the famous Temple Bar district, you would want to enjoy these cheap offers too.

Kinlay House Dublin offers private rooms and shared rooms at an affordable price. Guests can also enjoy a continental complimentary breakfast here. It is also located close to Dublin’s top attractions like Temple BarDublin Castle, and Trinity College. Bus stops and stations are close-by too.

For the latest rate, click here.

Ashfield Hostel


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Ashfield Hostel is perfect for travelers who are looking for cheap accommodation that is close to all the good stuff in Dublin. Check out its private and dormitory-type rooms.

This hostel has an excellent location— centrally located in Dublin. The rooms are also very affordable which is the reason why backpackers and budget travelers prefer it. The no curfew policy also makes it very appealing to younger guests.

For the latest rate, click here.

Where To Eat

Dublin as a tourist attraction consists of more than just historical sites. In recent years, the city has increasingly grown as a culinary destination.

Fresh seafood from Dublin Bay, trendy little eateries geared to fill the stomach, exquisite traditional Irish cuisines, and artisan cafés with hearty breakfasts and sinfully good desserts abound in this city. Here are some great dining options in Dublin.


Bunsen Burgers

The best cheeseburgers in Dublin, according to food reviews, are found in the humble Bunsen restaurant. With eight quality restaurants found in Ireland, one is sizzling juicy Irish-beef burgers in Wexford St., Dublin.

And with the simplest menu to offer amongst all the restaurants listed here, they do not and will not disappoint—their friendly staff is glad to help you choose and serve highly affordable quality burgers.

Grab a delectable Irish-beef cheeseburger for only €8.15! And their creamy milkshake, for only €4.75, is a must-try.

If you want to pair your burger with a hearty lager, you can only get it for €5.00. Their signature dish consists of burgers, but they also offer hand-cut, shoe-string, and sweet potato fries as perfect side dishes. 

 If you’re around Wexford St., or at any part of Dublin, Bunsen is an absolute must-try.

Umi Falafel

Umi Falafel

Falafels are golden-brown croquettes that are a bit crunchy on the outside but soft in the middle. A famous savory bread in the Middle East, the Umi Falafel’s signature dish is the Lebanese Falafel, for only €6.00.

A must-try is the Falafel Your Way, for only €6.50, you can create your own Falafel with a choice of 4 toppings and a sauce.

The Grilled and Breaded Haloumi Cheese Sandwiches also make a delightful treat for those who can’t live without the flavor of the cheese in their sandwiches, for €6.50 only.

A variety of salads, mezzes, soups, and extras are all available to order, all for less than €6.00!

If you want to taste the flavors of the Arabian lands while in Dublin, then Umi Falafel will be a great choice!

Dall’Italia Pasta Bar

If you’re used to pasta being served to you at your local restaurant from a strict menu, then Dall’Italia Pastabar will surely make you smile, for a change.

Here, you create your own pasta! The first step into making your pasta is choosing a one—from Tagliatelle to Macheroni Rigate.

The second step and the most crucial part is choosing your sauce—from their €7.50 Carbonara sauce to their €6.50 Tomato sauce, your pasta will be your own work of art. Other sauces include Aglio E Olio, Pesto, Quatro Formaggi, and Ragu.

The final step and the most fun part is choosing your toppings!

From their €0.70 Cherry Tomatoes toppings to their €1.50 Bacon toppings, combine all of these, and your Instagram-worthy pasta will await your camera and your taste buds.

Add some homemade tiramisu and Cannoli Siciliani for a sweet after-taste of your great Italian-dining experience in Dublin.

Where To Drink/Party

Temple Bar Dublin

There are over 700 pubs in Dublin, and a trip to the city wouldn’t be complete without a stop at one of them. Prices are reasonable, and you may even get to try some of Ireland’s most popular drinks while pub-hopping.

Here are the best drinking and party spots in Dublin, whether you want a pint of any of these beers after a day of walking, a pint of jager, or a glass of whisky with friends.

Also read: Drinking Age In Ireland: Drinking Laws And Tips

The Bath Pub


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Located near the Aviva Stadium, The Bath Pub is the perfect pub for big games and concerts since February 2012. Sports enthusiasts and locals love to spend some time here to enjoy the pub’s selection of Match Day drinks- from beers, gins, and even rum!

Not only that, but the Bath Pub is also serving steak and eggs, Irish smoked salmon, Irish pork sausage, and a lot more mouthwatering meals for brunch. Pizza and beer is also a popular duo here.

This cozy pub has enough space for indoor and outdoor seats. It also accepts reservations and booking for guests who want to celebrate birthdays, after wedding parties, and corporate events in The Bath Pub.


O'Donoghue's Dublin

O’Donoghue Pub also makes it to the list of best pubs in Dublin. This popular bar has been serving live Irish music and comfortable rooms since 1789. The rich heritage of the pub has earned the attention of tourists who intend to experience an authentic Irish nightlife.

If you happen to be in Dublin’s south side, O’Donoghue can be easily spotted near the popular St. Stephen’s Green. Guests usually spend an hour or two here for a single pint.



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Grogan’s bar is a traditional pub located in the heart of the city. It serves ice-cold Guinness beer to beat a long day of going around Dublin.

Don’t forget to pair it with toasted ham and cheese sandwich too if you want something to munch on. Since it is the only meal served by the pub, expect it to be the best toasties you’ll find in Dublin as it has already been practiced to perfection.

Aside from these, Grogan’s also exhibits original art pieces. These pieces add up to the cozy and artsy aura of the pub. And if you fancy one of these masterpieces, they are also available for sale.

Things To Do In Dublin

dublin castle

Walking around Dublin is a breeze because the city is small and flat. Planning ahead of time will allow you to cross off many of the “must-see” items on your itinerary much more swiftly.

Here are some of the best things to do and see in Dublin if you’re short on time or want to start planning your trip right now. This guide covers activities that kids will enjoy, free attractions, castles, gardens and parks, museums, and unusual tours.

Take a glimpse of the past in Trinity College

trinity college dublin

Long Room, Trinity College

If you enjoy walking down memory lane, give it a shot at Trinity College where you can find a collection of Ireland’s treasured past in its Long Room Library. This 200-foot-long room holds 200,000 books as old as you can possibly imagine.

The most popular treasure in this library is the Book of Kells which has a great role in the Irish identity. Trinity College is also one of the best free things to do in Dublin, Ireland.

Revisit an old prison cell in Kilmainham

Kilmainham Gaol museum

So you think that visiting a mummy is not creepy enough? Then go ahead and add the Kilmainham Gaol in your things to do in Dublin. The Kilmainham Gaol used to be a place for executions and public hanging.

Martyrs and Irish leaders were also imprisoned within the walls of this infamous prison which makes it a perfect exhibit on the history of Irish Nationalism. It is also one of the best museums in Dublin.

Visit the Glasnevin Cemetery

Glasnevin Cemetery

A visit to the Glasnevin Cemetery will surely not disappoint if you want to learn more facts circulating Dublin. Feel free to walk around this cemetery, chit chat with their experienced set of tour guides, touch the coffin of Daniel O’Connell, and dig deep into Dublin’s history.

Shake hands with the St. Michan’s Mummies in Dublin

St. Michan’s Mummies in Dublin

If you’re brave enough to spice up your Dublin tour, why don’t you try shaking hands with an 800-year-old mummy? Kept in a vault underneath St. Michan church, dozens of coffins are left as-is for the public eye to see.

As time pass by, these coffins slowly disintegrate revealing a mummy inside. Well, not every coffin contains a preserved mummy though and nobody, not even the church, can tell which coffin has mummies in them.

If you are in the city, this is surely one of the most interesting things to add to your Dublin itinerary.

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