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Dublin To Galway Transport Options

Are you looking for the best ways to travel from Dublin to Galway

Dublin is located in the eastern section of Ireland, on a broad bay between Howth and the Dalkey promontory. The area became the Republic of Ireland’s capital in 1922 and is today renowned for its cultural legacy and distinct charm.

The city’s turbulent history is evident in the beautiful Georgian architecture and picturesque gardens that witnessed its shift from a British imperial metropolis to an independent state. Apart from the struggle, Ireland’s capital produced literary greats such as Beckett, Joyce, Shaw, and Wilde.

Dublin was named a 2010 UNESCO City of Literature. Its literary legacy stretches back to AD 800, with the publication of The Book of Kells, which is now housed in Trinity College.

The city centre is compact enough to be explored on foot, and there is an efficient public transportation system to get around. This makes Dublin an ideal base for exploring the city’s core and suburbs, as well as other towns and cities and even further west.

Galway (Gaillimh), a medieval city in the picturesque west, lies almost exactly opposite Dublin. This tiny metropolis, set along the banks of the River Corrib, offers travellers a taste of Ireland’s many delights.

Visitors will surely have a feast of Galway’s top attractions, which range from the raw grandeur of adjacent natural wonders such as the Wild Atlantic Way to the ancient museums and churches that are popular with city tourists.

Galway is also famous for its thriving arts scene. Throughout the year, festivals contribute to the area’s bohemian ambience.

Adding to its unique character, Galway’s culture retains a strong Spanish influence. Architectural remnants from the city’s long and distinguished history may also be found throughout, including the city’s former medieval wall.

In addition to its rich history and plenty of attractions, Galway is a delectable gastronomic hotspot. Much of the excitement derives from Galway’s local chefs, who are capitalizing on the island’s abundant natural resources and surrounding waters.

Dublin To Galway Transport Options

Ways to travel Dublin to Galway

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From East to West

Dublin is conveniently accessible to the majority of the Emerald Isle’s prominent tourist sites. Visitors can plan day outings and weekend getaways to sites as far afield as Galway, courtesy of an efficient train system, bus system, and car rental and rental companies.

In this guide, you will learn more about the best, the cheapest, the fastest or the most convenient Dublin to Galway transport options.

Travelling from Dublin to Galway

Along with over 20 daily coaches operating during the day and night, Dublin, Ireland’s capital, is connected to Galway via a high-speed rail link. Galway is a well-known tourist destination in Ireland, serving as a perfect base to explore some of the most spectacular landscapes in the country. The usual travel time between Dublin and Galway is two and a half hours.

Cheapest Way To Get from Dublin to Galway

The cheapest mode of transportation from Dublin to Galway is by bus. Citylink buses are slightly less expensive than GoBus coaches, yet both companies service this route daily at the same frequency. Purchasing your ticket at least three days in advance is recommended, and avoiding major holidays and weekends can result in significant discounts.

Fastest Way to Travel from Dublin to Galway

Taking the bus from Dublin to Galway takes only two and a half hours and is the fastest mode of transportation. Travel between Dublin in the east and Galway in the west is made possible by GoBus and Citilink, which both operate daily routes.

Ways to Travel from Dublin to Galway

By Bus

Go Bus Galway

If you’re taking a Citilink coach from Dublin to Galway, you’ll need to make your way to Crampton Quay on the banks of the Liffey. The terminal is located near Dublin’s most iconic landmark, the Ha’penny Bridge.

Meanwhile, if you use the GoBus, you will depart from Burgh Quay, which is close to the Tara train station. Both departure points are conveniently located onDublin’s excellent tram and bus network.

All coaches arrive in Galway at the New Coach Station, where you can also find city bus stations that will take you to the city’s historic centre, after a two-and-a-half-hour ride. If you prefer, you can stroll from the New Coach Station into the city centre.

Route: Dublin Burgh Quay for GoBus coaches and Crampton Quay for Citilink coaches, to the New Coach Station in Galway

Schedule: Citylink and GoBus coaches depart around 20 times per day, with additional services on the weekends.

Cost: Citilink – On the bus, the single fare is €13.50. Online is €11.50

GoBus – single fare is €13, return fare is €23

Book your ticklet online here. 

By Train

The train route that connects Ireland’s lovely capital, Dublin, to the magnificent city of Galway is one of the most scenic in the country.

Additionally, you can rest assured that the intercity trains are well-equipped and offer wonderful onboard amenities such as roomy air-conditioned carriages with comfortable seats, power outlets, audio/video passenger information networks, and free Wi-Fi.

The rail journey between Dublin and Galway takes around 2.5 hours.

Route: Dublin Heuston station to Galway (Ceannt) station

Schedule: Monday to Sunday departures from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., the train leaves every 2 hours

Cost: Adult Single €21–€30 / Adult Return €26-€42

Book your ticklet online here. 


By Car (rental)

The Belfast Dublin by car

If you have a driver’s license and want a possibly scenic ride, hiring a car and driving from Dublin to Galway is an excellent alternative.

The travel along the M6 from Galway to Dublin or vice versa is only approximately 200 kilometres long. It takes barely more than two hours if you stay on the highway. If you detour from the motorway and follow winding rural roads to explore, your overall journey time will surely be longer.

The mileage between Galway and Dublin varies according to the route used, but it will be immensely more scenic and delightful. Take note, however, that Ireland, like the United Kingdom, follows the left-hand rule.

It may appear challenging at first if you’re accustomed to driving on the right. But it’s straightforward to adjust to as long as you keep in mind that you, as the motorist, must remain in the centre of the road.

Route: The drive from Galway to Dublin or vice versa along the M6 (motorway).

Cost: starts at €30 per day

Where to Book: Rentalcars


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