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Ireland In March: Weather, Things to See and Travel Tips

Ireland in March is among the best times of the year to visit. With winter gone and the days getting longer again, visitors will have more time to see and explore the emerald state’s vibrant cities and lush countrysides.

It sure gets crowded as Ireland’s national feast day approaches, but there’s so much to see and do here that you wouldn’t mind the hustle. Be sure to plan ahead to make the most of your trip. Here are some recommendations and useful tips for Ireland in March. 

Aughnanure Castle Galway

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What is the weather like in Ireland in March?

Temperature in Ireland in March

The average temperature is between 4°C to 10°C  degrees Celsius.

Rain in Ireland in March

There is an average of 70mm of rain in over 24 days so plan accordingly. 

Wind in Ireland in March

9 to 17 mph

Sun in Ireland in March

4 to 5 hours of actual sunshine over 25 days

What should I pack for Ireland in March

March marks the spring season in Ireland which means you get to enjoy sun rays in the morning while wind and rain start coming in the afternoon. March also holds St. Patrick’s Day, the biggest and grandest festival in the country, so if you’re planning to enjoy the Irish weather during these times be sure to consider these options in your list.

Jeans – You can bring a good pair of jeans. The temperature during the spring season is still cool so be sure your pair of jeans can protect you from the chilly air. Preferably, bring dark-colored jeans so you can mix and match any top with it. Anyhow, you can just bring your favorite jeans and flaunt them in the streets of Ireland.

Pair of flats – You can now ditch your thick hiking boots or rain boots since spring in Ireland cannot possibly freeze you to death anymore. A pair of ballet flats for female or a topsider for male will already get you through this season. If you still want to prepare for the rainy nights, you can try these pair of waterproof ballet flats in Amazon and these Oxford-inspired shoes for men.

Sneakers – If flats are too overdressed for you, you can also put on a pair of sneakers for a more casual look. This Black Converse Chuck Taylor is an all-time favorite because it is very versatile and can be paired up with almost anything.

Windbreaker – Ireland in May tend to be chilly and windy on some days. So prepare a light jacket or a windbreaker in case you don’t want to get uncomfortable exploring Ireland.

Umbrella – Don’t forget to include an umbrella in your packing list to shield you from the rain. This compact travel umbrella from Amazon is a good option as it will easily fit in your luggage or in your everyday bag.

Fleece sweatshirt – Perfect for layering, a fleece sweater is also a good consideration. You can wear it on top of a jacket or just wear it as it is. This sweatshirt from Amazon should be added to your essentials.

Where you should stay in Ireland in March

Although there are a lot of accommodations in Ireland that will fit any traveler’s budget, nothing beats the experience of staying in castle hotels in Ireland. So here are some of the affordable castle hotels that you can stay in Ireland for the month of March.

Cabra Castle Hotel still has the 18th-century castle vibes but with the modern touch from its amenities. A 4-star castle hotel in Cavan situated in a quiet neighborhood in Kingscourt, Cabra Castle Hotel is a mix and match of royalty and modern luxury. Rates start at $162. To book, click here.

A Gothic castle dated from 1209, Kinnitty Castle Hotel is located at the foot of Slieve Bloom Mountains. If you want the unique experience that comes with this castle, better check it out before it’s too late. Also, the rates start at only $110 a night. To book, click here.

Things to do in Ireland in March

1. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day than in the exact place where it all started? Be ready for big crowds, busier pubs and restaurants, and interruptions in public transportation.

An official holiday in Ireland, the celebrations last for days all over the country, with parades and all sorts of fun activities. The biggest St. Patrick’s Day parade happens in Dublin, while pubs from all over the emerald state take part in games, promos, and parties.

Wherever you are in Ireland during the week of March 17, you’ll surely experience that fun, lively, uniquely Irish vibe. Check out this list of best shirts for St. Patty’s Day for ideas on how to dress up for the occasion. 

2. Dingle International Film Festival 

Held over four days yearly during March, Dingle International Film Festival is regarded as among the best of its kind in the world.

It is renowned not just for the quality of films on exhibit, but also for its location and atmosphere as it is held in one of the most beautiful places in Ireland – Dingle.

Experience this unique celebration of a diverse lineup of films right in the Wild Atlantic Way, and take part in workshops, seminars, and other interesting activities. 

3. Cork Sound Fair

If Cork is part of your itinerary during your Ireland visit, make sure to stop by and check out the Cork Sound Fair. Whether you’re into experimental music or not, this is worth checking out.

This festival serves as a platform for musicians to get their work out there and features artists showcasing their unique sound through installations and live performances. 

4. Visit a sheep farm

Visit a sheep farm

Spring in Ireland is also lambing season and one of the best times of the year to visit a sheep farm. Stroll through rolling hills, get lost in the colorful hedgerows and interact with baby lambs in a one-of-a-kind Irish experience. 

Mostly located in mountainsides, these sheep farms allow visitors to get u close even with the younger lambs as well as explore the fields. You can also see highly skilled sheepdogs who guide the lambs from one place to another. 

5. See the Spring Flowers 

The Peoples Park Limerick


It is Spring and everything comes to life after months with little sunshine and mostly grey skies. This season is best represented by the vibrant colors that fill gardens, parks, forested hills, palace grounds, mountainsides and basically anywhere that plant life could thrive. All over Ireland, you’ll see bright yellows, pinks, blues, and purples.

With its forest floors are covered in a layer of bluebells, when old stone walls are curtained with wildflowers and weeds, and the gardens of the country’s grand manors are surrounded by stunning blooms.

There’s really no specific place to visit because spring is everywhere in the emerald state, but you may want to head on to national parks, or the parklands surrounding castles like as well as artfully designed gardens such as the one in Powerscourt Estate or the National Stud Park. 

6. Visit the Lakes

Visit the Lakes

Ireland’s lakes are especially stunning in springtime, and one of the best ones to visit is the County Fermanagh lakes. Here, you’ll find castles and underground caves, as well as enjoy a variety of activities, which you can enjoy with a stunning view of the lake.

There are golfing, fishing, kayaking and lake cruises. There are also exceptional restaurants and pubs where you can relax after exploring the lake area.

7. Step into Ireland’s Ancient East

bru na boinne

Head onto Ireland’s Ancient East, where you get to enjoy 5,000 years of history and fascinating culture. This is essentially a region made up of 17 counties, with various themed tours that introduce you to this intriguing country, including its Celtic roots

There’s no better way to get to know a country than by tracing its history through its diverse natural landscapes, centuries-old castles, and prehistoric structures.

With most of these areas characterized by lush landscapes and idyllic towns, connected by the River Shannon that leads to the Irish Sea — the emerald state’s natural beauty provides an interesting backdrop for each tour.

Every strange rock or stone formation has a meaning, each part of a castle has a story, and the hills and planes a witness to the country’s tumultuous history. Exploring this fascinating region is a must when visiting Ireland in March, so be sure to plan your trip ahead. 

8. Walk or Hike 

Carrauntoohil hiking trail

The cold season doesn’t give enough opportunity to work up a sweat as it’s preferable to just laze around or curl up beside the fire. Spring means more daylight hours, however, and you get to go on long walks and hikes through parks, forested areas, hills, and mountains.

No matter where you go in Ireland, it is a hiker/walker’s paradise so just put on your favorite sneakers or hiking shoes and set out early.

Some of the best places for walking or hiking are the Appalachian Way from Donegal to Antrim, the stunning Causeway Coast, and along the Glendalough Lake. 

9. Explore Clonmel 

The Main Guard Clonmel

Situated in the Suir River Valley, Clonmel is County Tipperary’s largest town. It is an ideal starting point for visiting a wide range of attractions.

The town is nestled in the Comeragh Mountains to the South and legendary Slievenamon to the East, both a must-visit for those who want to burn calories while hiking and enjoying a magnificent view of Clonmel and nearby towns.

It is also crammed with centuries old castles and ruins, historical monuments resting on a huge rock, pretty gardens, and even a miraculous spring.

10. Visit Lisburn 

hrist Church Cathedral Lisburn

Just a few miles southwest of Belfast, Lisburn is the birthplace of the Irish linen industry. It is nestled in the green fertile valley just beside the River Lagan, with a walkable and car-free center.

Lisburn visitors in March will enjoy a stroll in its huge nature parks, marvel at quirky attractions and discover more of its history through a visit to museums and castles.

Practical Tips for Ireland in March

1. The temperature is still colder than usual so bring clothes than you can layer to keep warm especially when going out. 

2. Be sure to bring a sturdy umbrella when heading out as March in Ireland gets an increased amount of rain. 

3. A light, waterproof jacket is another must to prepare yourself for Ireland’s unpredictable weather. 

4. Most of Ireland’s best attractions require a lot of walking so wear comfortable yet sturdy sneakers or hiking shoes or boots. If they’re new, be sure to break them in before traveling. 

5. Check out this list for more travel tips for Ireland for first-time visitors. 

Travel Tips And Resources

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