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Dublin To Cork: How To Travel To Cork From Dublin

Traveling to Cork from Dublin? Read on to find out how to travel from Dublin to Cork and the best way to travel between these two cities. 

Cork is a beautiful city and the second-largest city in Ireland. Located in the Southwest of the country, it is only 2.5 hours to 4 hours from Dublin.

Cork City Ireland

Known for its bustling nightlife scene, restaurants, castles, museums, and beautiful architecture, the city is a good day trip from Dublin if you want to get away from the city even for a day or two. 

So here are the several ways on how to get to Cork from Dublin. 

Dublin To Cork: How To Travel To Cork From Dublin

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Dublin To Cork By Bus 

There are multiple bus operators that travel between Dublin and Cork. So finding an available bus is not an issue. 

Below is the list of bus operators that you can choose from, along with their timetable, route and bus fare. 


Aircoach bus dublin to cork

Aircoach leaves from Dublin Airport (Terminal 1 – Arrivals Road and Terminal 2 – Departures Roador) and Dublin City Center (Bachelor’s Walk) to Patrick’s Quay in Cork

The bus leaves hourly from these locations in Dublin from 6:30 AM to 12:30 AM the next day. The trip takes up to 3 hours and the bus fare is €12 one way. 

You can book your ticket online here

Bus Eireann

Bus Eireann busaras station

Bus Eireann leaves from Busaras Station, Dublin Airport, and Heuston Station in Dublin and arrives in Parnell Place in Cork City. 

The bus leaves from Dublin Airport at 7:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 1:30 PM, and 5:30 PM. From Busaras Station, the bus leaves at 8:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM, and 6:00 PM.

And from Heuston, from 8:12 AM, 12:12 PM, 2:12 PM, and 6:12 PM. 

Travel time is between 3-4 hours and the bus fare is between €16-€18 one way. 

Dublin Coach

Dublin Coach

Another option is Dublin Coach which leaves every 2 hours starting from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

The bus leaves from Burgh Quay in the city center and arrives in St. Patrick’s Quay in Cork. The bus fare is €20 one way or €40 for return. 

You can book your ticket online here. 

Dublin To Cork By Train 

Irish Rail

The fastest way to get to Cork from the center ofDublin is to take the Irish Rail. The train only takes 2.5 hours for €20-€60 for a one-way trip and depending on the seat class. 

The train leaves every 2 hours from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily and it leaves from Heuston Station to Cork Kent 1 Station. 

You can book your ticket online here. 

Dublin To Cork By Car 

driving in ireland

Traveling by car in Ireland might be more practical if you want more flexibility in your travel plans. Cork is around 260 km or around 161 miles from Dublin and it might take between 3 to 3.5 hours to get to Cork. 

There are two routes that you can choose from. You can take the M7 then M8 route and you can save up to 30 minutes. This route will pass through Naas, Kildare, Portlaoise, Cashel, Cahir, and other smaller towns in Cork County

As an alternative, you can also take the M9 and then the N25 route. This route will pass through Naas, Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford, Youghal, and other parts of County Cork. 

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