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Irish Gifts For Her (15 Best Gifts For Women Who Love Ireland)

Voted as being one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Ireland offers a lot of interesting and useful gifts for women that will remind you of your stay in the scenic country. These Irish gifts for her are available online, readily available as gifts for female family members, friends, neighbors, for yourself, or for special women who yearn the special beauty of Ireland.

So here’s the list of fun and interesting Irish gifts for her or any women in your life who love Ireland.

Irish Gifts For Her (15 Best Gifts For Women Who Love Ireland)

irish gifts for her

1.Ceramic Mug with Irish Blessing

The polished ceramic mug is designed with lucky four-leaf clovers, a popular symbol of good luck and fortune in Ireland. It contains a heartwarming traditional Irish blessing that will make you smile as you sip your morning, afternoon, or evening tea. A great gift for anyone’s grandmother, aunt, or anybody who would like to read a short blessing to start off their day. To check the latest price, click here.

2.Abbey Gift Irish Mug and Coaster Set

A beautiful and practical gift for any Irish culture lover. The mug is layered with a dark forest green matte exterior that makes it perfectly safe as a container for microwaved food. It can be also safely loaded in a dishwasher.

It includes a coaster, which can be also used as a lid. A nice gift for both women and men who like to keep their workplace clean and free of clutter. To check the latest price, click here. 

3. St. Patrick’s Day Tee Shamrock Shirt

Wear your love for Ireland proudly with a unisex Irish shamrock cuff-sleeved shirt. Made from 100% cotton, the fabric gives you a light and warm feeling. Its softness will never disappoint. Perfect to wear on St. Patrick’s Day or any Irish festivals, or even any day for that matter.

The unisex sizing of the shirt makes it a loose fit, to accommodate all body types. Look fresh and lucky every day with this cool shamrock shirt. To check the latest price, click here. 

4.Clover Charm Penny Keychain

Attach your good wishes to someone with this perfect charm—a penny, a symbol of luck in the US, with a silver clover to bring the beholder good luck. It comes in a package with a card noted: “What a lucky year!”.

The stainless metal ring will hold your container and your charm nicely. Perfect for an Irish-lovers couple’s keychain, or a 16th-year gift for a special someone. To check the latest price, click here.

5. Drunker Half St. Patrick’s Day Beer Glasses

Reminding you of the golden ales and rich brews of Ireland is a fun gift for any Irish brew lover—a set of two of the finest Drunker Half Beer Glasses. It can be used for any occasion, but most notably during St. Patrick’s Day.

Crafted using high-quality glassware, it is heavy duty, with the letterings printed in organic ink. You’ll surely smile at first sight as you think of your ‘Drunken Half’, whoever he or she might be. Rest assured that the glass will not only enliven any celebration but also be as durable as your love for Ireland. To check the latest price, click here. 

6.Irish Knit Beanie Hat

Warming-up for the cold season has never been as stylish as wearing the perfect winter-wear beanie—and this soft Irish knit beanie is one of them. The one-sized, hand-knit head warmer can be used anywhere.

The Olann Green color reminds one of Ireland, but there are other colors and styles to choose from. It is thick and will give you the warm comfort you need during the coldest days you will encounter. To check the latest price, click here

7.Kate Kearney Irish Dark Chocolate

The smooth and creamy Irish-native dark chocolate is a great gift for Irish chocolate lovers. Having the health benefits of rich dark chocolate, plus the creaminess of good Irish dairy makes it a splendid gift.

The chocolate was named after a beautiful Irish lady who helped travelers who passed by her cottage at Killarney, Co. Kerry. To check the latest price, click here.

8.Kate Kearney Irish Assorted Sweets

If you aren’t much of a fan of chocolate but still crave for delectable Irish sweets, then you should try Kate Kearney Irish Assorted Sweets. Surprise yourself with an assortment of individually-wrapped sweets. They range from caramel, chocolate, tangy fruit flavored jellies, and chewy fudges and toffees. A thoughtful Irish gift for anyone, especially for kids. To check the latest price, click here.

9.Kate Kearney Irish Whiskey Fudge Bag

If you want your fudge flavored with a tinge of whiskey – minus the alcohol, then try Kate Kearney Irish Whiskey Fudge Bag. The individually-wrapped candies inside the bag won’t last long in the family table.

Its high-quality creaminess makes it melt in your mouth. Delectably soft, good consistency, with a hint of whiskey once it has melted. It is perfectly safe for kids and a yummy Irish confectionary for everyone! To check the latest price, click here.

10.Women’s St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Tank Top

Continue wearing your pride for Ireland as you exercise or take a morning stroll with a shamrock tank top.

Lightweight, extremely soft, and durable—its high-quality fabric will ensure your skin stays smooth as you perform any strenuous physical activity while feeling lucky. To check the latest rate, click here.

11.Patrick Francis Navy & Green Shamrock Sprig Silk Scarf

The great silk scarf is woven with fine Celtic cashmere wool that measures 12” wide by 52” long—which can be used in varied ways: as a shawl, a small blanket, or an elegant outdoor scarf. Perfect for an Irish-themed party or get-together.

It features a soft navy background with branches of shamrock springs. Crafted from 100% silk, it is lightweight and can be worn in any formal or casual occasion. To check the latest price, click here.

12.Irish Wit, Wisdom and Humor: The Complete Collection of Irish Jokes, One-Liners & Witty Sayings

If you wish to impress your friends with wisdom from Irish sayings or make them laugh with your Irish jokes, then The Complete Collection of Irish Jokes, One-Liners & Witty Sayings is a book especially for you.

Witty observations, fun one-liners, and humorous quotations are compiled for you to share with anyone.

It features famous Irish icons such as Oscar Wilde, Bono, James Joyce, C. S. Lewis, Sinead O’Connor, and many more. To check the latest price, click here.

13.Godinger Dublin Covered Butter Dish

A butter dish crafted from brilliant 24 percent lead crystal, this lidded crystal container adds wonderfully as a fine-dining accessory. Used mostly for special events, the crystal lid features classic Irish design, brilliantly wedged, with diamond cuts as finishing.

For best care, the butter dish must be washed by hand. To check the latest rate, click here.

14.Ireland Celtic Coin Copper Earrings

These earrings are ideal gifts for women who would like to wear a coppery relic resembling Ireland. The earring is shaped liked pinging coin from Ireland, and the copper-colored bird featured on the earring was adapted from the bird found in the Book of Kells. Which is a symbolic bird resembling resurrection and immortality.

Wear these earrings proud and raise your love for Ireland higher. Or give it to a special someone to show how enduring your love is for each other. To check the latest price, click here.

15.Irish Designed Apron

Creating Irish dishes becomes more fun and authentic when you wear an Irish-inspired apron. With a national foliage pattern, intricate twigs, and botanical abstractions, the apron will surely remind you of your best dining experiences in Ireland. It is waterproof, 31” long and 26” wide, made of 100% spun polyester fabric.

It is machine washable, durable, and no fading of patterns—which were printed with high-end digital technology printers that allow the patterns to last on the fabric for a lifetime. It has easily adjustable neck and back ties that make it more comfortable to use for both indoor and outdoor activities. To check the latest price, click here.

You can also check out our Celtic inspired gifts here for more ideas. 

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