10 Best Celtic Gifts Ideas For Everyone

Want to give your favorite people a unique and symbolic gift? Celtic inspired creations are your best bet. Artful, historic and a steady reminder of one of the world’s most fascinating cultures, these items will surely be appreciated by those you hold dear.

From sparkly accessories to cool containers and even books of Celtic fairy tales — these gifts are timeless and versatile, perfect for any occasion. Check out these lovely Celtic gifts ideas that’ll surely be appreciated by your friends and family. 

10 Best Celtic Gift Ideas For Everyone

celtic gifts

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Celtic Gifts For Her

Celtic Claddagh Necklace 


This is a versatile silver necklace that looks simple enough but still eye-catching. Made of Solid 925 sterling silver with cubic zirconia, this pretty Claddagh necklace features a pendant that’s a popular Celtic symbol, which is said to symbolize love, friendship, and loyalty.

The Claddagh is basically two hands holding a heart, and the heart wearing a crown. There are two meanings associated with the Claddagh — ‘with my hand, I give you my heart and crown it with live’ and ‘love abd friendship reign forever.

This is an ideal gift to female friends or family of any age, for any occasion that’s not just beautiful but also symbolic.

Check the price here. 

Celtic Knot Hoop Earrings 


Another versatile Celtic inspired accessory that’s a perfect present for the ladies is these beautiful hoop earrings. Made from hypoallergenic metal for sensitive ears, this trendy pair comes in a Celtic knot design.

It goes well with any attire — to dress up simple jeans and shirt combo or to complement a formal attire.

These dainty Celtic knot hoop earrings are also nickel free, made with authentic 925 sterling silver. 

Check the price here.

Tree of Life Teardrop Pendant 


If you’re looking for a unique Celtic accessory that goes well with every attire, this is an awesome gift to give your female friends and family. This exquisite teardrop pendant features a Tree of Life design and is made up of lava rock stone and ancient copper chain. 

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This easily dresses up a simple, everyday attire, and adds character to any formal wear. This is a stylish Celtic inspired gift that will surely be appreciated by the women in your life. 

Check the price here. 

Celtic Hair Clips


Made with fine metal and beautifully crafted, this Celtic triangle hair-clip is another ideal gift choice.

This French barrette works well with any hairstyle and adds a sparkly twist to any outfit. Use it to sweep hair away from your face, add style to a simple low ponytail or complement an updo.

You can go from casual to glam in this pretty hair accessory, a lovely gift that’s also functional and versatile. 

Check the price here.

Celtic Heritage Scarf


A timeless gift that’ll definitely be appreciated by friends and family, this Celtic Heritage scarf just screams art and culture and style.

Made with cotton and polyester, with intricate Celtic knot-work all over, this is a gift that’s bound to get attention and compliments.

The design in this exquisite scarf represents Celtic art that’s found in most Irish artifacts – a stunning mix of the country’s fascinating Celtic past and modern fashion.

Snuggle up with this scarf, or use it to adorn a simple outfit. 

Check the price here.

Celtic Gifts For Him

Celtic Trinity Knot bracelet 


A cool gift that adds style and character to any outfit, this Celtic Trinity knot bracelet will surely be appreciated by your favorite lads.

It is made up of high-quality leather and zinc alloy guaranteed eco-friendly as its lead and nickel free.

This dresses up any casual attire and adds an edge to formal wear, making it a truly stylish and meaningful gift. 

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Celtic Claddagh bottle opener 

The Claddagh is a Celtic symbol for love, loyalty, and friendship, and seeing its knot details in this lovely present makes it even more meaningful.

Open your favorite bottle of drink and celebrate with style in this sparkly Celtic Claddagh bottle opener, which is perfect either as a symbolic souvenir or a cool, functional Celtic inspired gift to your favorite man. 

Check the price here.

Celtic Pocket Knife


A unique artsy gift that’s both useful and stylish, this Celtic pocket knife makes an impressive gift for male friends or family.

Great for recreation, hunting and fishing, this is made of a fixed blade, spring steel and comes in a lovely leather case.

It can be worn safely around the neck for easy carrying. This is also hand-forged which is a rarity these days so you’re assured of a good, quality gift.

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Check the price here.

Celtic Gaelic rocks glass


Made from restaurant-quality glassware, this Celtic Gaelic rocks glass is a great keepsake and a cool gift that celebrates the Irish. Toast in style with this rocks glass that features a lovely etched design with the word ‘Slainte’.

This is a great gift to the men in your life for ant occasion and is perfect for bourbon, scotch, and whiskey lovers. 

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Celtic Coffee Mug


Spice up your coffee or tea time with this cool Celtic coffee mug. A lovely gift to your favorite men, this unique mug features a traditional Celtic title  ‘Himself’ referring to the man of the house.

Made of ceramic and featuring beautiful Celtic knot-work, this also has intricately sculpted scrollwork. A must for male friends or family who loves coffee or tea to kickstart their day or take a much-needed break. 

Check the price here.


Celtic Gifts For Everyone

Tree of Life Throw Blanket 


Snuggle up in this soft and beautiful natural cotton throw blanket. It can also be used to accessorize your couch, like a yoga mat, picnic blanket or your bed can be a great wall decor, too!

It features the Celtic Tree of Life symbol, this throw blanket is made from pure, sustainably sourced cotton and woven to last. It is durable and versatile, a great gift to friends and family. 

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Celtic Artbook


A perfect gift for anyone who’s into Celtic art and design, this art instructional book is packed with information, instruction and great art.

It features a step-by-step procedure that introduces the rules and methods of Celtic knotwork as well as the familiar designs from the great manuscripts and stonework that used the intricate knots, interlacing, and spirals such as the ones that illuminated The Book of Kells.

The instructions are simple and encourage anyone to recreate the designs featured to be used in craftwork.

This is a lovely gift for any age and will definitely be enjoyed by anyone looking for a new hobby or those who simply want to learn something new. 

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Celtic Fairy Tales book


Written in vivid prose and featuring stunning silhouette art, this book has sixteen fascinating stories of mysterious guests, true love, and animals that talk.

It contains fascinating traditional stories from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, and Wales that transport readers to the extraordinary world of Celtic folklore.

A perfect gift to anyone who’s a fan of cultural and mythological literature, the stories featured are delightful and filled with magic and wit.

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