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Slieve League Cliffs – Things To Do And See ( For 2024 )

Sliabh Liag Cliffs, or simply Slieve League, is situated on  County Donegal’s southwest coast. Teelin is the closest town and it’s about 1.5 hours from Donegal town, 2 hours from Londonderry, 3 hours from Galway and Belfast and it’s around 4 hours away from Dublin.

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Slieve League Cliffs – Things To Do And See ( For 2024 )

Slieve League

It is among the last stops as you complete your Wild Atlantic Way road trip or a wonderful discovery in this part of Ireland.

These cliffs are said to be the highest in Europe, with a three hundred meter drop straight into the wild, Atlantic below.

Read on to find out what makes Slieve League Cliffs one of the best things to do in Ireland and you should add it to your Ireland itinerary.

About Slieve League 

Slieve League Cliffs

The Slieve League or Grey Mountain cliffs seem quite intimidating.

However, once you get over the fact that it’s even more massive than the Cliffs of Moher, you’ll begin to appreciate its spectacular rugged beauty and enjoy your visit. 

More than the dramatic drop into the vast Atlantic, Slieve League is also known for the many wonderful discoveries along the way. The two to three kilometer walk from the car park to the cliffs offers stunning sceneries.

The journey rewards visitors with unparalleled views of the Atlantic to the Sligo Mountains and Donegal Bay. There’s also a small lake on the way to the highest part of the Slieve League. 

There are designated viewing points along the way, where visitors can marvel at the stunning panorama. The seemingly endless cliffs stretch towards the horizon, and on a clear day, one can see Sligo, Leitrim, and the mountains of Mayo.

The highest point of Slieve League meanwhile is accessible by a narrow trail called One Man’s Pass.

This pathway is called such because literally only one man at a time should be allowed to go this way. Visitors are advised not to venture beyond the viewing point unless they are experienced hikers.

While not everyone can climb the Slieve League’s highest point, they can wander around the slopes and learn a bit of history. 

The area is home to stone remains that prove that the mountain used to be a pilgrimage site even before the arrival of Christianity.

Visitors can also see the remains of an old Christian monastic site, with chapel and beehive huts. There’s also an old signal tower in Carrigan Head, close to the main viewing area. 

What To See And Do in Slieve League Cliffs

Slieve League Cliffs

A visit to Slieve League Cliffs is an entirely different experience than any other cliff in Ireland. It is free to visit but not a lot of tourists go here.

The locals are adamant about keeping the area unspoiled, yet certain facilities were still allowed for those who want to visit. There is a trail intended for those who want to go up the cliffs on foot or by car. 

It is best to walk when going to the designated viewing points though because you wouldn’t want to miss some fun local scenes.

How about a farmer and his sheepdog guiding a herd of sheep? A lot of sheep seem to enjoy the Slieve League as well so you’ll most likely come across this group on the way up. 

As you approach the main viewing points, you’ll see that the cliffs are fenced for the more daring hikers who would like to go up to the highest point.

Again, this area is intended for experienced climbers as the path is rather steep and dangerous.

If you’d rather hang out at the designated viewing areas, watch out for dolphins who often play at the base.

If you see these friendly sea mammals and thought you’d like to join them in the water, you may sort of doing so by going on a boat tour. These boats depart at the harbor in nearby Teelin or in Killybegs. 

There are also a lot of places to see in the area that surrounds the Slieve League if you can’t get enough of the scenery. There’s the heritage town of Ardara or the coast of Malin Beg with its horseshoe bay.

You may also visit the nearby folk village at Glanbeg, or just find a bar, order a pint and celebrate having seen the beauty of this still unspoiled part of  Ireland. 

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