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12 Best Things To Do in Tipperary (For 2024)

A county that seems to be the hub of ancient architecture as well as stunning natural attractions, it could be difficult to cram places and activities in a list.

But whether you’re an architecture nerd, a history geek, or the outdoorsy type, we got you covered in this diverse list of things to do in Tipperary.

12 Best Things To Do in Tipperary (For 2024)

1.Roscrea Castle and Damer House

Damer House Roscrea Tipperary

Originally erected at the edge of Lake Cré, which has since been drained, the Roscrea Castle was built in 1281.

One of the more interesting places to visit in Tipperary, a  trip here offers not just a glimpse into history but an insight into the lives of those who lived here as well. Roscrea Castle is made up of a gate tower and two corner towers, which were originally joined by a curtain wall.

Damer House, meanwhile, is an example of pre-Palladian architecture which is rare in Ireland. This elegant Georgian house was built in the early 18th century in the courtyard of Roscrea Castle.

It was used as a barracks in the 19th century and fell into poor condition, but it has been undergoing gradual restoration since.

The grounds where Roscrea Castle and Damer House are located has an impressive garden with a fountain, perfect for relaxing when you’re done exploring the two buildings.

Opening Hours

Roscrea Castle
28th March – 25th September: Daily 10.00 – 18.00.
Last admission 45 minutes before closing
Average Length of Visit: 1 Hour

Admission Fee

Adult: €5.00
Group/Senior: €4.00
Child/Student: €3.00
Family: €13.00

Contact Information

Address: Castle St, Townparks, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Phone:+353 505 21850

2.The Galtee Mountains

The Galtee Mountains Tipperary

Tipperary is so rich in natural wonders, and most of them are easily accessible and can actually be explored. The stunning Galtee Mountains are one of them, a beauty that’s stretched across Ireland’s Golden Vale and stands at 3,009 feet.

On your hike up, you get to enjoy scenic views such as that of the Corrie lakes that include Lough Musky, Lough Curra, and Lough Bohreen.

Also situated in this picturesque region is a secluded valley known as Glen of Aherlow, where you will find holy wells like St Pecaun’s Well and St Sedna’s Well in Clonbeg Churchyard.


Street in Nenagh Tipperary

There’s always something about Ireland’s small county towns, with their distinct, quaint charm and that feeling of being transported to a different era when you visit. Nenagh is no exception, making it one of the best places to visit in Tipperary

Whether you fancy old-fashioned townscapes and tradition or simply curious, a trip to Nenagh is something that you should put in your itinerary.

The place hasn’t changed for the last centuries, offering a taste of traditional Ireland as you stroll from the castle to the heritage center, explore every corner.

Shop for groceries then heads towards the Hanly Woollen Mills just north of the town. Or head over to Lough Derg, which is part of the mighty Shannon waterway.

4.Loughmoe Castle

Loughmore Castle Tipperary

An attraction that’s definitely off-the-beaten-path, the Loughmoe Castle doesn’t have a visitor center, or a guided tour, not even a group that maintains it. Located in the center of Tipperary, this castle in ruins was first built in the 15th century.

Loughmoe Castle was the seat of the Purcell family, but one story tells of a king who lived here that put his daughter’s hand up for marriage for the man who could kill the gigantic boar from the nearby forest.

There are different versions of how that story ended but what’s definite is this beautiful ruin that was left for hundreds of years. The castle is huge, and although abandoned, one can tell how beautiful it was during its heyday that you wonder why nothing has been done to restore it.

5.Cashel Palace Hotel

A structure that dates back to 1730 that has witnessed historical events since it was built, it is now a hotel situated on approximately 25 acres of land. The Cashel Palace Hotel’s design influence is a cross between an Early Georgian and Queen Ann.

Even if you’re not checking in, the hotel is still a delight to visit if you’re into architecture and history. There’s also a pretty garden at the back of the hotel and centuries-old mulberry trees, perfect for a relaxing stroll.

6.The Swiss Cottage

Swiss Cottage Cahir Tipperary

Situated within woodlands and adjacent to a river, the Swiss Cottage used to be a place for entertaining guests by the Lord and Lady of Cahir. It underwent renovations three decades ago and has been state-managed since.

A delightful “cottage orné” built in the early 1800s by Richard Butler, 1st Earl of Glengall to a design by the famous Regency architect John Nash. The Swiss cottage houses a stylish spiral staircase and elegantly decorated rooms with detailed Parisian wallpaper manufactured by the Dufour factory.

A picturesque beauty surrounded by scenic nature, the Swiss Cottage is one of the best things to see in Tipperary

Opening Hours

15th March-26th October
10:00-18:00-Last Admission-17:15

27th Oct-02nd November
09:30-17:00-Last Admission-16.15

3rd of November
09:30-15:30-Last Admission-14:45
Site closes for 2019 on the 3rd of November.

Admission by guided tour only.
Average Length of Visit: 1 hour

Admission Fee

Group/Senior: €4.00
Child/Student: €3.00
Family: €13.00

Contact Information

Address: Ardfinnan Road, Cahir, Co. Tipperary, E21 DX07

Phone:+353 52 74 41144

7.Glen of Aherlow

Glen of Aherlow view Tipperary

Often missed by those who venture into Tipperary county because it is wedged between Slievenamuck in the north and the Galtee Mountains to the south, the Glen of Aherlow is a literal hidden gem and a Tipperary attraction you shouldn’t miss.

The Glen of Aherlow used to be a historic pass between Limerick and Tipperary, as it runs between Galbally and Bansha, in the western part of the county. Nowadays, Glen offers hiking paths, cycling trails, fishing, picnic areas, and scenic viewing spots.

8.Rock of Cashel

rock of cashel

The Rock of Cashel is a spectacular group of Medieval buildings set on an outcrop of limestone in the Golden Vale. The Rock was also the seat of the Kings of Munster for centuries before the 13th-century Norman Invasion.

This is one of the best places to see in Tipperary, with all the different historical monuments you can find in one place.

Among those at The Rock are the 12th century round tower, High Cross and Romanesque Chapel, a 13th-century Gothic cathedral, a 15th century Castle, and the restored Hall of the Vicars Choral.

Opening Hours

Mid-September-Mid October
Daily  09.00-17.30
Last admission at 16.45

Mid October-Mid March
Daily  09.00-16.30
Last admission at 15.45

Mid-March-Early June
Daily  09.00-17.30
Last admission at 16.45

Early June-Mid September
Daily  09.00-19.00
Last admission at 18.15

Closed 24th to 26th December inclusive.

Admission Fee

Adult: €8.00
Group /Senior: €6.00
Child / Student : €4.00
Family: €20.00
Access to Cormac’s Chapel is by guided tour only, on a first-come, first-served basis. An additional charge of €3.00 applies to Adult(s), Group(s)/Senior(s)and Children/Student(s). An additional charge of €8 is applicable to Families.

Contact Information

Address: St.Patrick’s Rock of Cashel Cashel Co. Tipperary E25 KX44

Phone:+353 62 61437 

Buy your ticket online here.


9.Knockmealdown Mountains

Knockmealdown Mountains Summit Tipperary

Knockmealdown Mountains’ highest peak is just 794 meters, making it a pretty easy climb if you’re up to burning calories to get a magnificent view of the town below.

As relatively easy as it is to climb Knockmealdown’s peak, reaching this place can be pretty challenging as the drive takes you to winding roads. It’s well worth it though because of the scenic, views, making it a perfect thing to do in Tipperary on weekends.

Knockmealdown Mountains are covered with greens and flowers that a hike up feels more like walking on a sloping garden. This place is also right next to Sugarloaf Hill which gives you an added climbing attraction.

10.River Suir

River Suir Cahir

Considered as one of Ireland’s best fishing grounds,  River Suir is tucked away in Tipperary, right in the heart of the country.

Here, there seems to be an endless supply of salmon and trout, but it’s also a treat to just stroll along the wide banks and enjoy a relaxing view of the calm waters. If you’re into fishing though, then it’s definitely one Tipperary attraction you shouldn’t miss.

There’s a fishing visitor center where you can get a permit to fish for a day, which is ideal for those who have never done it before.

11.Cahir and the Castle

Cahir Castle,Tipperary

Situated on a rocky island on the River Suir, the Cahir Castle is one of Ireland’s largest and best-preserved castles. Once the stronghold of the powerful Butler family, the castle retains its impressive keep, tower and much of its original defensive structure.

A few hours inside Cahir Castle is definitely one of the best things to do in Tipperary especially among history or architecture buffs.

Once inside, you’ll get to watch a fascinating video presentation featuring the sieges and battles fought for this stronghold. You’ll also learn about the many movies and TV shows that have been shot at Cahir Castle, like The Tudors and Excalibur.

There’s an exhibition about the siege of 1599, and a 30-minute tour to see the things like a working portcullis, original machicolations, dungeons, and secret passages.

Opening Hours

March-Mid June
Daily 09.30-17.30

Daily 09.00-18.30

September-Mid October
Daily 09.30-17.30

Mid October-February
Daily 09.30-16.30

Average Length of Visit: 1-1.5 hours
Closed 24th – 31st December Inclusive.

Admission Fee

Adult: €5.00
Group/Senior: €4.00
Child/Student: €3.00
Family: €13.00

Contact Information

Address: Castle St, Townparks, Cahir, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Phone:+353 (52) 744 1011

12.Mitchelstown Caves

Mitchelstown Cave Tipperary

If you are into exploring a certain locale’s geological history by literally going under, then an excursion into Mitchelstown Caves is right for you. Located at the foothills of the Galty Mountains, a trip down Mitchelstown Caves is one of the most exciting and unique things to do in Tipperary.

Offering a great opportunity to see and explore this part of Ireland from below, this activity with expert guides will take you through three massive caverns.

You will be surrounded by stunning dripstone formations, stalactites, stalagmites, graceful calcite curtains hanging from sloping roofs, calcite crystals sparkling like diamonds, and huge tower-like calcite columns.

Opening Hours

2nd February to 13th May: 10 am to 4 pm (open 7 days a week)
14th May to August: 10 am to 4.45pm (open 7 days a week)

September, October: 10 am to 4.30pm (open 7 days a week)
November: 10 am to 4 pm (open 7 days a week)

December, January: 10 am to 4 pm (Open weekends only)
(Closed 22nd to  25th December)

Christmas Holidays: 10 am to 4 pm (open 26th December to 6th January)
Open Bank Holidays.

Admission Fee

Adult:  €9
Child: €3.50 (up to 12 years old)
Family: €20  (2 adults up to 2 children) (up to 12 years old).
Minimum 2 adults required for a tour.

Contact Information

Address: Burncourt, Cahir, Tipperary, Ireland. E21 H920

Phone: +353 (0) 52 7467246


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