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Best Prepaid SIM Cards In Ireland

Are you looking for the best prepaid SIM cards in Ireland

As a country with a colorful history, fascinating culture, and incredible landscapes, you would want to stay connected with friends back home or be able to share your experience on your social media accounts.

In between exploring Ireland, you may also want to chill and relax as you watch a new film or catch up on your favorite TV series on your trusted streaming platform.

Sure, you can keep your data plan or prepaid promo using your local SIM, but this could cost you a lot. The data might be unreliable as well. Your best option is to buy a prepaid SIM card that you can use while enjoying your visit to the Emerald Isle.

If you are visiting Ireland, you’ll be happy to know that unlimited data roaming across Europe is available on the majority of Ireland’s prepaid SIM cards. In other words, the sim card you buy in Dublin may be used in Paris, Rome, and Madrid to get online for free. Within the EU, you can use all of your data, voice, and text packages.

Can You Buy a SIM Card in Ireland?

Any mobile network company can sell you an Irish SIM card whether you reside in or are visiting Ireland.

You’ll only need a phone that can operate on the frequencies used in Ireland if traveling there (preferably all of the frequencies to have the most optimal experience while in Ireland). Your mobile phone should also be unlocked (SIM-lock-free) to be able to buy and use an Irish SIM card.

Where to buy an Ireland sim card in 2022

Dublin Airport

Getting a SIM card for Ireland at Dublin Airport, of course, would be the easiest and most convenient option.

The WH Smith shop and the Left Luggage store in Terminal 1 both sell Ireland SIM cards. Arrival hall visitors can readily locate them to the right or left of the entrance.

At Dublin Airport’s Terminal 2, the best place to acquire a SIM card is at the SPAR convenience store just outside the arrival hall. Tourists can also purchase the same Ireland sim card at the luggage wrap kiosk downstairs in Departures.

Dublin City Center

You may easily get a prepaid sim card for Ireland in the Dublin city center if you want the best-prepaid sim card bargain. All mobile internet providers have official retail stores, and they are all close to each other on Henry Street.

How to buy a SIM card in Ireland?

You’ll need your passport to buy an Irish prepaid SIM card. The store takes a copy of your passport and links your new Ireland sim card to your name and passport number. A European travel sim or an e-sim card for Ireland may be better options if you’re not comfortable with having your data captured.

The Best SIM Cards In Ireland

The Best SIM Cards In Ireland

1. Vodafone Ireland SIM Card

Cost: €20
Where to Buy: Dublin airport, Vodafone stores, authorized distributors, online

In terms of coverage, Vodafone Ireland SIM Card is the largest and most popular in the country. If you want to get a Vodafone prepaid sim card, you’ll need to bring your passport to the phone store.

Data plans from Vodafone Ireland start at €20 and include 10GB of data as well as unlimited voice and text messaging. You get 20 GB of data, 100 minutes, and 100 SMS for €20.

There is also the option of getting 100 international minutes and 30 GB of data for €30. It is possible to use roaming in Europe with these packages for 28 days.

In terms of active customers, Vodafone is Ireland’s largest mobile phone provider. Vodafone provides a wide range of services, including voice, SMS, MMS, and data. More than six cities and 500 towns in Ireland have access to T-4G Mobile’s network. Contract (postpaid) and prepaid services are available, including mobile telephone and mobile broadband, from the company’s network.

A prepay or bill-pay plan can be added to your free SIM card, which you can get online. This is the best option for travelers as this SIM card offers a variety of Pay As You Go plans.

● The Chat Extra package costs € 20 ($22.16) and includes 10 GB of data, unlimited calls to any network, and unlimited SMS to any network. Valid for 30 days

● Smart Extra package costs € 20 ($22.16) and includes 20 GB of data, unlimited (Vodafone) calls, and unlimited (Vodafone) SMS. Valid for 30 days.

● The extra package costs € 30 ($33.23) and includes 30 GB of data, unlimited calls to any network, unlimited SMS to any network, and is valid for 30 days.

2. Hutchison 3 Ireland Sim Card

3 Store on Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland

3 Store on Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland

Cost: €20
Where to Buy: Dublin and airport, Three stores, authorized distributors, online

A telecommunications and internet service provider in Ireland since 2005, this company offers a wide range of services. 3G and 4G mobile phone services are available, and the SIM cards they have may be suitable for any budget preference because of their pricing and offerings.

To get a card that will work with nano, micro, and mini-SIM devices, you’ll need to purchase Three. If you’re planning a trip to Ireland, either Pay As You Go or Contract clients can get amazing prices; the choice is yours.

You can keep your old phone and use the new SIM that they will send you if you choose SIM-Only. If you’re traveling outside of Ireland, you won’t have to worry about running out of data because of the EU data allowances.

The Prepay 3Pay SIM, which costs €20 ($22.16) and comes with unlimited data (8 GB in the EU), unlimited calls, and unlimited SMS, is one of their SIM-Only plans. You can use this package for 28 days.

To receive unlimited data, unlimited local calls, SMS, and 30 minutes for inter4 €30 you may acquire the Three Ireland prepaid sim card with 14 GB of usable data in Europe, all valid for 28 days.

3. Tesco Mobile Limited

Cost: starts at €10
Where to Buy: online at Tesco Mobile Limited

Ireland, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic are all covered by this Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). It is available in Ireland through the country’s three telecommunications providers. You can order a free Pay As You Go SIM card from them on their website. You can buy a Rocket Pack, which is a month’s worth of data, minutes, and texts.

When you use Triple Credit, all you pay for is what you use. For calls, the rate is 25p per minute, and for data, the rate is 10p per MB. With a monthly credit of €10, €15, or €20, you get three times the value.

With Home from Home, you can take your voicemails, texts, and data with you virtually anywhere in Europe. Best of all, if you’re moving from another network, you can keep your existing phone number.

Check out Tesco’s Pay As You Go packages:

● Rocket Pack €12 costs €10 and comes with 4 GB of data, 500 minutes of calls, 5000 texts, and is valid for 30 days.

● Rocket Pack €15 costs €15 and comes with 8 GB of data, 1,000 minutes of calls, 5,000 texts, and is valid for 30 days.

● Rocket Pack €20 costs €20 and comes with 16 GB of data, 2,000 minutes of calls, 5,000 texts, and is valid for 30 days.

4. Eir Ireland Sim card

Cost: €20
Where to Buy: Dublin airport, official shops, and online

Ireland’s main telecom provider, Eir, offers a range of services, including internet, mobile, and landline. In addition to Eircom’s GSM/EDGE and GSM/HSDPA (3G) networks, the company also offers LTE (4G) service (2.75G).

On their website or in their stores, you may receive a free SIM card with unlimited data and unlimited calls or messages for €20 ($22.16). There is more than 97% 4G coverage in Ireland, with 98% of the country’s population being covered.

For those who want to listen to music or play games online for as long as the night takes, they can opt for plans that feature unlimited data.

They have a variety of Pay As You Go options for you to choose from:

● No Limits Calls costs € 10 ($11.08) and offers unlimited calls only, valid for 4 weeks.

● No Limits Data 1 costs € 20 ($22.16) and offers
unlimited data in Ireland (7.3 GB in the EU), unlimited calls, unlimited texts, and valid for 4 weeks.

● No Limits Data 2 costs € 30 ($33.23) and offers
unlimited data in Ireland (10.9 GB in the EU), unlimited calls, and unlimited texts, and is valid for 4 weeks.