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How To Apply For Ireland Tourist Visa For Filipinos

Ireland is known for its musicians, accent, beautiful green rolling hills, rugged cliffs, friendly people, and yes beers (Guinness anyone?).

Unfortunately for Philippine passport holders like me, one has to apply for a visa in advance to enjoy Ireland. And here’s a step by step guide on how to apply for Ireland tourist visa for Filipinos.

Torc Waterfall

Step by step process for a tourist visa for Ireland

1. Complete the online application form
2. Gather your supporting documentation, passport photograph, and fee
3. Compile your application, which must include:

  • The online summary sheet signed by you, with photo affixed to the top-left corner
  • Current passport and any previous passports (or copies of previous passports if originals unavailable
  • All required supporting documents

4. The online application system will automatically request you to submit your documentation to your nearest Irish Embassy.

5. Application Process takes up to 8 weeks from the time your documents are received.

Requirements for Ireland Tourist Visa

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs Of Moher, Image by Christine Rogador


1. Application summary sheet

Print, sign, and date the Application Summary Sheet (from AVATS) and include it with your application documents.

2.  Application letter

Type or write a letter explaining why you want to come to Ireland. Sign and date the letter and submit it with your documents.

Your letter must include your full name and postal address, and the:

  • The reason you want to come to Ireland
  • Dates you plan to arrive and leave

Your letter must also include a commitment from you that you will:

  • Obey the conditions of your visa in full
  • Not use any publicly funded services in Ireland (eg a public hospital) or become a burden on the Irish State.
  • Leave Ireland before your immigration permission expires.

3. Itinerary Plan

Type or write a description of your planned vacation to Ireland, including where you will stay.

For accommodation, include printed emails/letters of your accommodation plan from your hotels, guesthouses, Couchsurfing, etc. The confirmation letter must show the dates you intend to stay at each place.

Check out our list of accommodations here by the city. 

great blasket island cliff

4. Travel and medical insurance

If your application for a visa is approved, you must get travel/medical insurance before you travel. You will not be allowed to enter Ireland without it.

In some cases, you may be asked to submit proof that you have travel/medical insurance before a visa is granted.

5. Proof of fee payment

Include proof that you have paid the visa application fee.

The proof of payment may differ between processing offices. Contact your processing office for information about proof of payment.

If you are exempt from the visa fee, you must include documents that prove your exemption. Contact your processing office for information on proof of exemption.

6. Passport

You must submit:

  • Your current passport
  • A photocopy of each page from any previous passports you have (if available)

Your current passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the date you plan to leave Ireland.

Dark Hedges

7. Photographs

Include 2 passport-sized color photographs of the visa applicant.

Write the following in BLOCK CAPITALS on the back of each photo:

  • Applicant name
  • Visa Application Transaction Number from AVATS

Each photograph must meet the following rules for visa photographs.

8. Financial Capacity

You must show that you have enough finance (money) to support yourself fully in Ireland.

Note: There is no minimum amount of finance for approving or refusing a visa application. The visa officer will decide if you have enough based on your own circumstances.

If you are paying for your own vacation:

Provide 6-month bank statements from your bank, credit card statement, and pay-slip.

If someone else (a third party) is helping to pay for your vacation:

Type or write a description that explains how and why your vacation or studies are being paid for by a third party. You must also include the third party’s:

  • Full name and address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address (if available)

You must also include your own personal bank statement, following the same rules as described above.

Glenveagh Castle

9. Proof you will return home

You must include proof that you will leave Ireland when your vacation end.

To do so, you must show that you have a strong obligation to return home for economic, social or family reasons.

If working:

If you have a job at home, you must show that you have an obligation to return to it. To do so, you should provide:

  • Your 3 most recent original payslips
  • A letter from your employer that states:

                   a. How long you have been employed by the company.

                   b. The dates you are on vacation.

                   c. The date you will be returning to work in that job

If still studying:

If you are a student at home, you must show that you have an obligation to return to continue your studies. To do so, you should provide:

  • A letter from your school or college that states:

                  a. The course you are studying.

                  b. How many years you have been a studying there. 

                  c. How many years/semesters you have left there.

The letter should also state that your school/college expects you to return to your studies after your vacation or study trip to Ireland.

Note: Also, include a property title if you have one or your marriage certificate if you are married to help prove that you have something to go back to.

Ashford Castle - Castle Hotels in Ireland

Ashford Castle

Irish Embassy and Consular Location

Irish Consulate Office

3rd Floor Max’s Building
70 Jupiter Street Bel-Air I Village
Makati City, Philippines

Contact Numbers

Telephone: (632) 896-4668
Fax: (632) 897-8534





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Thank you for this visa guide for Ireland

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