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Limerick Travel Guide (For 2023)

Are you looking for a comprehensive Limerick travel guide?

Limerick is Ireland’s first City of Culture, located on the banks of the Shannon River. The city is best known for its thriving cultural scene and the magnificent Hunt Museum, which houses the most comprehensive collection of art and antiquities outside of Dublin.

Limerick is home to a vibrant street art scene, an active festival calendar, and a foodie haven in the Milk Market, which is lined with galleries set against elegantly crumbling Georgian architecture.

Limerick’s history dates all the way back to 812, when Vikings established a walled city on Kings Island in river Shannon.  They stayed all the way up to 1197, when Limerick received its city charter. King John then commissioned the construction of a large castle in 1200.

The city was besieged three times in the 17th century, culminating in the famous Treaty of Limerick in 1691 and the exile of the defeated Catholic leaders. Much of the city was built during the succeeding Georgian boom, which came to an abrupt end in 1800 with the Act of Union.

Today, the city’s multicultural population is increasing. Now the third largest city in the Republic, Limerick has gradually shed its image as a depressing industrial center.

Indeed, the city has recently been revitalized as a result of some necessary and imaginative development projects, particularly along the river.

Limerick Travel Guide (For 2023)

If you’re planning a trip to Limerick in the near future and want to make the most of it, this Limerick travel guide has everything you need to know – from getting around to the best things to do in the city.

Best Time To Visit Limerick

The Peoples Park Limerick

Summer is the best time of year to discover Limerick’s outdoor attractions. Additionally, the countryside is at its most vibrant. Expect crowds and higher hotel rates due to the fact that it is peak season.

Limerick is frequently more enjoyable in the spring (during the Limerick International Music Festival in late May) and autumn (the old town is even prettier in November) than in the summer. While the weather is pleasant and warm, the number of visitors and hotel rates are significantly lower.

Limerick’s off-season starts in winter. Numerous hotels close for the season, and the city comes to a standstill. On the other hand, the hotels that remain open frequently offer attractive discounts. However, this is also the wettest time of year.

How To Get Around Limerick

limerick city

Limerick is a small riverside city located in the stunning Shannon Region of Ireland. It is a city of striking contrasts that has successfully integrated modern and historic elements. Limerick has always been a small city, with everything easily accessible on foot. If you want to get the most out of your visit to Limerick, here are the various ways to get around and explore the city.

  • Walking – recommended since Limerick is pretty compact
  • By bus
  • By taxi
  • Car rental
  • Bike rental

Where To Stay In Limerick

Limerick offers a diverse range of high-quality accommodation options to suit your every need, whether you’re planning a city break, a luxury getaway, a weekend break, or even attending a conference.

Here are the best places to stay in Limerick for every taste and budget, whether you want a smart, comfortable self-catering property, an elegant bed, and breakfast, or a posh hotel.

Limerick City Hotel


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A hotel that gets great reviews and high ratings don’t need to be five star and posh, as in the case of Limerick City Hotel that earned points among guests because of its central location.

Apart from making it easy for guests to explore the city snd nearby places, Limerick City Hotel provides guests with cozy, modern equipped rooms as well as an onsite restaurant and bar.

There are also scenic views of the River Shannon from the hotel, and within walking distance to a bus and train station.

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George Limerick Hotel


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Located on a corner of O’Connell Street in Limerick city center, the George Hotel is an ideal place to stay if you’re looking to explore the city’s best sights as well as neighboring areas.

From shopping to shows to museums and even quick day trips, it’s easy to make the most of your visit if you’re in George Hotel.

Some of the reasons why previous guests think it’s among the best hotels in Limerick are its stylish and luxurious interiors and furnishings, as well the on-site restaurant Da Vincenzo which serves delicious Italian dishes.

George Hotel also gets huge points for its stellar customer service, which complements the quality of its accommodations. Guest rooms are en suite, a perfect mix of comfort and style, with its cozy atmosphere and modern features.

For the latest rate, click here.

Brennan Court, Limerick

A simple, no-fuss yet elegantly designed hotel that’s been getting superb ratings from Presidio guests is the Brennan Court.

These accommodations are designed to be self-catering and offer en suite guestrooms that are bright, cozy, and spacious.

Located within the scenic University of Limerick, this is a lovely retreat away from the city center if you want to stay somewhere that’s quiet and laidback.

Brennan court takes pride in its onsite restaurant that serves a variety of yummy dishes, as well as its location that still makes it easy for guests to explore the city’s nest sights such as the 13th-century King John’s Castle – one of the best castles in Limerick.

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Where To Eat In Limerick

Costello’s Tavern Limerick

Limerick, located in southwest Ireland, is well-known for its distinct culinary and cultural traditions. Limerick, which was named the National City of Culture in 2014, is home to numerous award-winning restaurants serving everything from traditional Irish fare to more contemporary European-fusion cuisine.

Here are the best places to dine in Limerick, from the city center to the rustic countryside, are listed below.

Green Onion Cafe

Address : 3 Rutland Street, Limerick Co Limerick


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Limerick’s Green Onion Cafe, open since the 1990s, is another low-cost dining option. At the far end of this inviting dining area, you’ll find a large, well-weathered wooden table in a light-filled area with a few individual tables tucked away in the corner. It’s a great place to sit and enjoy the delicious soups, salads, and sandwiches that make up most of the lunch menu.

Green Onion Cafe takes pride in its food made only with the best ingredients. Burren smoked salmon, Shine’s Tuna, St Tola goats cheese, Gubbeen cheese, and Gubbeen halloumi are just a few of the high-quality ingredients that this cafe uses in their dishes. Breads and salads are also top-notch, and they’re all packed with flavor.

All these tasty offerings, plus excellent service and a selection of fine wines make a visit to Green Onion a real treat. The lunch menu is excellent, but if you’re coming for dinner, the pop-up evening specials and themed suppers are not to be missed.


Address : 50 Thomas Street, Limerick.


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Coqbull is a must-visit if you’re a fan of chicken wings and want to try how the Irish make it. There is a wide variety of comfort foods on the menu, including chicken, burgers, pizzas, and pasta. Dinner here is just what you need and deserve after a day of exploring the city and nearby areas.

Occasionally, they’ll serve oddities like duck salads or filo prawns with a habanero mayo. What’s certain though is that in Coqbull, everything is presented tastefully and prepared with care. The place has romantic lighting and cozy booths as well, making it ideal for a first date or other special occasions.

The Curragower


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Address : Clancy’s Strand, Limerick, Ireland

A great vantage point for taking in the sights of the city, the Curragower offers stunning views of King John’s Castle and the Curragower Falls. One of the oldest bars in the city, the Curragower is a well-known landmark and is believed to have been established in the late 1700s.

Food and drink at the Curragower are of the highest quality and served in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients from nearby suppliers go into their hearty and flavorful dishes.

Their menu features many delectable options such as wraps, seafood chowder, fresh fish and chips, and pan-fried sea bass. 

Where To Drink/Party In Limerick

The Locke Bar Limerick

Limerick’s bars cater to a wide variety of tastes and occasions, ranging from vibrant nightclubs to cozy fire-lit pubs! Whatever your mood, you’re sure to find the ideal place to unwind – from bars with breathtaking views of the Shannon to quiet pints in traditional pubs and live music venues for those out with friends.

Here are some of the best places to drink and party in Limerick

The Curragower‬


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The Curragower‬ is best known for its award-winning pub food, most notably the locally sourced and always fresh seafood.

This pub is also among the best places to watch the sun go down as you nurse a pint and enjoy scenic views of places like King John’s Castle – one of the best castles in Limerick. Along with Limerick City Hall, and Curragower Falls.

The crowd is often a good mix of visitors checking out the Limerick pub scene, and the friendly locals so being here is a great way to feel like one. 



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If you’re after a great mix of good pub grub, your favorite pint, and a night of music, Dolan’s is the best Limerick pub to be, hands down.

This is easily the hub of the city’s music scene, as they feature a variety of performers across genres. They have local musicians, performers from all over Ireland, and even beyond – be ready for a wonderful surprise to enjoy when you visit.

There’s traditional Irish music in the front bar, heavy rock in the basement, and even a sample of Limerick’s emerging hip-hop scene. Apart from that, there’s also live sports on TV screens in the main bar. Expect a fun, lively night, when you visit — that’s definitely Dolan’s trademark.

Costello’s Tavern

Costello’s Tavern Limerick

Whether you’re alone or with a companion or two, a visit to Costello’s Tavern guarantees an anything-can-happen kind of evening.

For one, this pub and nightclub attract all sorts of characters — from local celebrities to international exchange students. Order a pint and people watch, or head upstairs for a round of beer pong or a go at the karaoke as you belt out one rock anthem after another. 

Things To Do In Limerick 

Lough Gur Visitor Centre

The medieval city streets of Limerick, Norman strongholds, and ancient Irish monuments all bear witness to the city’s historical significance. However, Treaty County’s true legacy is its inhabitants. Locals will greet you with a friendly welcome as you explore Limerick’s many attractions.

This Limerick travel guide includes a list of the best things to do in this city to ensure that you get the most out of your visit, whether it’s for a day or a weekend.

King John’s Castle

King John’s Castle

King John’s Castle is a 13th-century castle located on King’s Island in Limerick and next to the River Shannon. The castle overlooks the river and the panoramic view of Limerick City.

The stunning new exhibition brings to life over 800 years of King John’s Castle and Limerick City’s dramatic history all through Touch-screen technology which will connect visitors to tales of siege and warfare.

And if you are staying in neighboring cities, it is one of the best day trips that you can do from Dublin, Cork or Galway.

The Treaty Stone

The Treaty Stone Limerick

The Treaty Stone is a rough-hewn limestone block raised on a pedestal standing across the river Shannon from King John’s Castle in Limerick City. It commemorates the Treaty of Limerick signed in 1691 which ended the conflict between the Protestant and the Catholic Church.

The Hunt Museum

HorsOutside art Hunt Museum

The Hunt Museum houses one of Ireland’s greatest private collections of art and antiquities, dating from the Neolithic to the 20th Century. These collections are owned by the Hunts Family who are well-known art collectors in Ireland. This collection includes works by world-renowned artists such as Renoir, Picasso, Gauguin, Giacometti, and Yeats.

The museum holds about 2500 different artifacts from Ireland and abroad and some of them even came from stone-age Ireland.

Limerick City Gallery of Art

Limerick City Gallery of Art is one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Ireland. The gallery also holds regular temporary exhibitions of contemporary works and home to an important collection of Irish 18th – 21st century art in all media.

It is also one of the primary venues for EVA International, the Irish biennial of contemporary art.

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