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Ireland In April: Weather, Things to See and Travel Tips

With the onset of spring in Ireland, days are warmer and longer and there’s not as much rain anymore to get in the way of your plans.

Everything is in full bloom in April, and skies are blue instead of grey. It’s one of the best months to be in Ireland your days are sure to be packed with activities and places to visit.

To fully enjoy Ireland in April, here are some helpful reminders and recommendations. 

Blessington Street Park

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What is the weather like in Ireland in April?

Temperature in Ireland in April

The average temperature in Ireland in April is between 5°C to 11°C. 

Rain in Ireland in April

50 mm over 22 days

Wind in Ireland in April

9 to 14 mph

Sun in Ireland in April

5 to 6 hours of sunshine over 27 days

What should I pack for Ireland in April

April, mark the spring season in Ireland which means you get to enjoy sun rays in the morning while wind and rain start coming in the afternoon. So if you’re planning to enjoy the Irish weather during these times be sure to consider these options in your list.

Jeans – You can bring a good pair of jeans. The temperature during the spring season is still cool so be sure your pair of jeans can protect you from the chilly air. Preferably, bring dark-colored jeans so you can mix and match any top with it. Anyhow, you can just bring your favorite jeans and flaunt them in the streets of Ireland.

Pair of flats – You can now ditch your thick hiking boots or rain boots since spring in Ireland cannot possibly freeze you to death anymore. A pair of ballet flats for female or a topsider for male will already get you through this season. If you still want to prepare for the rainy nights, you can try these pair of waterproof ballet flats in Amazon and these Oxford-inspired shoes for men.

Sneakers – If flats are too overdressed for you, you can also put on a pair of sneakers for a more casual look. This Black Converse Chuck Taylor is an all-time favorite because it is very versatile and can be paired up with almost anything.


Windbreaker – Ireland in May tend to be chilly and windy on some days. So prepare a light jacket or a windbreaker in case you don’t want to get uncomfortable exploring Ireland.

Umbrella – Don’t forget to include an umbrella in your packing list to shield you from the rain. This compact travel umbrella from Amazon is a good option as it will easily fit in your luggage or in your everyday bag.

Fleece sweatshirt – Perfect for layering, a fleece sweater is also a good consideration. You can wear it on top of a jacket or just wear it as it is. This sweatshirt from Amazon should be.

Where you should stay in Ireland in April

Although there are a lot of accommodations in Ireland that will fit any traveler’s budget, nothing beats the experience of staying in castle hotels in Ireland. So here are some of the affordable castle hotels that you can stay in Ireland for the month of April. 

Cabra Castle Hotel still has the 18th-century castle vibes but with the modern touch from its amenities. A 4-star castle hotel in Cavan situated in a quiet neighborhood in Kingscourt, Cabra Castle Hotel is a mix and match of royalty and modern luxury. Rates start at $162. To book, click here.

A Gothic castle dated from 1209, Kinnitty Castle Hotel is located at the foot of Slieve Bloom Mountains. If you want the unique experience that comes with this castle, better check it out before it’s too late. Also, the rates start at only $110 a night. To book, click here.

Things to do in Ireland in April?

1. Drive the Wild Atlantic Way

wild atlantic way

How about a springtime drive along the glorious Wild Atlantic Way? With lots of sunshine in and better weather most of the time, April is a good month to visit and experience this scenic route.

Known as among the most beautiful places on and best drives on earth, the Wild Atlantic Way is more than just driving through stunning scenery.

Atop every hundred kilometers or so and enjoy a beach to yourself, marvel at towering cliffs, get u close with stones older than St. Patrick, and a lot more.

The route also spans towns and counties so stop by and sample their food, try their local beer or whiskey, pick u a few souvenirs and hear them speak Gaelic. It’s a truly Irish experience that’s worth spending an entire day or two on so be sure to plan your trip. 

2. Clifden Traditional Music Festival 

A must for anyone who wants to experience something that’s uniquely Irish, Clifden Music Festival focuses on traditional Irish music.

Held in the picturesque Clifden town in Connemara, the festival features live song and dance performances from artists all over Ireland as well as from other countries.

This happens during mid-April and also holds street parties and workshops to celebrate the unique sound of traditional Irish music. 

3. Get into the gardens

powerscourt estate and gardens

A springtime trip to Ireland isn’t complete without a visit to a few of its many beautiful gardens. Walk among the blooms, wander through bursts of spring colors and soak up more sunshine, April is one of the bests months of the year to truly appreciate why Ireland is called the emerald state.

Check out the daffodil displays at Barnett Demesne in Belfast, or the Snowdrop Week at Altamont Gardens in County Carlow, the grounds of Blarney Castle in County Cork, the themed gardens at Powerscourt Estate in Wicklow and even Dublin’s Phoenix Park — you’ll never run out of options to enjoy Irish springtime. 

4. Galway Food Festival 

Showcasing the best from Ireland that includes produces, delicacies, traditional cuisine, and more, the Galway Food Festival is a must.

It happens in mid-April each year and features a massive open-air market and 100 food outlets. The festival also includes food demos, talks, and workshops. 

5. Tour the Seven Kingdoms

dark hedges northern ireland

If you’d a fan of HBO’s hit fantasy series Game of Thrones and you happen to visit in April, then you’re in luck as it’s one of the best months of the year to tour the seven kingdoms. Or at least, their real-life locations in Ireland where a good part of the series was shot.

Join one of the many tours on offer that lasts from a full day to a week, depending on how much time you have.

These tours take you through various parts of the real-life Westeros, which is Northern Ireland.

Stroll through the Dark Hedges of Antrim a.k.a. King’s Road, walk along Winterfell’s castle grounds, enjoy the views from Castle Ward in County Down, or find yourself in Dragonstone a.k.a. Mussenden Temple in County Antrim.

There’s plenty of these locations to explore that’ll surely fulfill your medieval fantasy dreams. 

6. Get active in Dingle


Spring is an amazing time to enjoy some outdoor adventure and what better place to experience it than Dingle?

This part of County Kerry, as well as the Wild Atlantic Way, boasts of varied, dramatic landscapes that best for exploring. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along lakes and hidden beaches, walk through coastal plains and forested hills or hike up cliffs and mountains for stunning views of surrounding areas.

Bask in the longer days and warmer weather as you enjoy some of Ireland’s best under clear blue skies. 

7. Sligo


Treat yourself by visiting a part of Ireland that’s not teeming with tourists yet but still an amazing place to see. The charming small town of Sligo in northwest Ireland has charming medieval structures, arched stone bridges, and pretty 19th-century townhouses.

It also has a diverse natural landscape, and some of the places you must see are the mighty monolith of Knocknarea Mountain with its moss-clad centuries-old claim stones as well as panoramic views over the pebbled beaches below and Sligo Bay. 

8. Go castle hopping

Ardgillan Castle

Ireland had thousands of castles, in various states of restoration or ruin, used for a range of purposes from hotels to cultural centers. A lot of these used to be a fortress that dates back to the medieval era, spread all over the country, all especially beautiful during springtime. Some of the best castles to visit in Ireland are Bunratty Castle in Co. Clare, Ashford Castle in Co. Mayo, Dublin Castle, Donegal Castle and Dunluce Castle in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. 

Tours you should do in Ireland in April


Practical Tips for Ireland in April

stephen's green parks in dublin


1. Be sure to bring warm clothes as April’s temperature is still quite chilly. 

2. If you’re going to explore the Irish countryside or coastal regions, it is still wise to bring wool socks, scarves and a hat. 

3. April showers are not unusual so be on the safe side and take an umbrella with you.

4. If you’ll be staying in Dublin most of the time and want to enjoy some springtime scenery close by, there’s St. Stephen’s Green in the City Center, which literally comes to life and bursts of color at this time of year. 

5. More springtime beauty can be found in Dublin’s neighboring county of Kildare, with its charming Japanese Garden. 

6. Check out this list for more travel tips for Ireland for first-time visitors. 

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